Download Facebook v64.0 IPA Latest Version Free For IPhone

From here you can easily download and install updated version of Facebook in IPA app, which is counted among biggest social network apps. You can use this Facebook latest version IPA App for iPhones as well as for tablets too. This amazing app was updated on July, 2016 and the present version is 64.0. You can download this incredible chatting app from its official website called it iTunes too.
Facebook is one of the prevalent social website on web and this site is controlled from Menlo Park, California according to information taken from Wikipedia. Facebook was launched on February 4, 2004 and the creator of FB is Mark Zuckerberg with his colleagues, there names are Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz and Andrew McCollum. From information which is taken from internet, It says that FB is one of the largest social network on internet and this social network comes after Google if talk about its visitors.

If we look in history, the initial time of Facebook is not that much good because it was banned to use within Havard University but after some time it was allowed to used in specific places such as Stanford University and in Boston. Later in 2006 FB is reachable to people who are aged to 13 without any limitations.
Download Facebook v64.0 IPA Latest Version Free For IPhone
Download Facebook IPA Latest Version Free For IPhone

Facebook for iPhone (IOS) 

After collecting the information from different sources it is cleared that Facebook has more than 2 billion registered visitors and 1.44 billion users used this largest social network website monthly. Some of these stats were taken from Wikipedia and from other websites. The stats used here are not that much old, means we are presenting current figures (March 2015). From these figures you can easily guess that FB is still famous among other social sites. For your extra information, Facebook is a perfect social network for present generation and it provides Fan Pages, Groups, Chat Facility and now Video Call too and more are coming. 

As I mentioned above that FB is not that much popular when it was firstly introduced. People think that it will not grow in market and its traffic was measured as zero in sense of internet marketing. But now number of popular companies promotes their products on Facebook. From this it is cleared that Facebook is still growing and has ability to retain its position among other social websites. 

Whats New: 

Some of core features of Facebook for iPhone(IOS Device) were mentioned down there. From these features you’ll become amazed that how much Facebook is remarkable. We provides some important features down here and are as follow:  
  • This App gives you chance to share your favorite Songs, Videos, Photos and your own voice with your friends and families. 
  • Best part is Notification system means you’ll be notify if someone shared or comment on your story or liked it. 
  • Provide Free Apps and Knowledgeable Information too. 
  • You can easily find your friends. 
  • Facebook for iPhone is free to download as well as free to install. 
  • Provide private platform to communicate with your customers and more.
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